Does anyone else think this is stupid?

Got into a little discussion with a roofer early this week about this (what I consider to be) issue. The picture shows one of 4 of these slopes where the trim almost touches the roof (BTW no flashing anywhere) and the board is rotting from the back. :mad: Would appreciate comments.
Upper Downspout.jpg

The downspout will definitely shorten the life span of that area of the roof.

The wood trim so close, the opening and without flashing, that’s a no brainer.

Yeah, I would have some problems with that. the no flashing is an issue for sure. I can’t believe a roofer is arguing this point. No wonder nobody trusts a roofer nowadays.

No flashing…obviously a point. And the downspout emptying on to the roof, like stated earlier, a no brainer. My software says something along the lines of "while this is a common practice, this will significantly shorten the life span of the roof in the area under the gutter etc. etc. etc…Explain it to your client, they will understand it, whether or not the roofer wants to admit it or not…

  1. The water running down the siding will run right behind the lower wood trim.

  2. The wood trim is too close to the roofing shingles.

  3. The downspout needs an extension.

Did anyone notice that the downspot discharges right in the face of a roof which rises smack dab in front of it? I’d like to see how the water leaving that downspout behaves in a heavy rain. However it is, it can’t be good. The downspout needs a side elbow and an extension down to a gutter somewhere. And yes, that trim needs to be raised about 4 inches, and flashing installed, if it isn’t there. Who designs these things??

Come on, Richard!! No design needed.

“That’s the way we’ve done it for years. And we get to go back and re-paint/repair/replace prematurely…how the hell we gonna make any money???”

Ask Ralphy the Roofer here to offer an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Request a meeting with the roofer and local AHJ.

If both say its ok, then have them both sign a letter stating so.

Tell client to get a certified roofer for further evaluation, and conduct all necessary repairs in accordance with manufacturer’s installation spec’s.

Good ideas all, but don’t want to talk to Ralphy the roofer again. Client decided they didn’t want the house. Not my doing.