Question on flashings and possible missing downspout from a one year old house

Hello all,
This is in Charlotte NC. I was doing my first 11-month inspection, I had several observations and feel that corrections are needed, but I would appreciate your comments:

  1. The upper section shows flashing discontinuity, and the structure below is exposed. The flashing orientation is also against the water flows and would compromise its functions of water dissipation. The lower part shows a flashing-on-flashing, and I think the gaps are not good, especially the lower one, because water would enter between.

  2. The downspout is missing (is it possible because the tight space below the gutter, so it is ok to leave it without downspout??)

  3. The flashing extension is too close and may partially block the water flow (get rusty, etc.) (Is there a requirement between the on-roof downspout outlet to its obstruction? )

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Everything you posted here would probably go into my report just as you stated.


I agree, it is all wrong.

  1. The flashing is wrong wrong wrong.
  2. Needs a downspout with diverter. Plenty of room to install one.
  3. Downspout should not discharge in this fashion.

So as others have said, it’s all wrong and in need of correction. With warranty inspections be sure you tell your clients repeatedly that just because you recommend repairs, it doesn’t mean anything will be done…