Does anyone know of a good chess site (free).....

Anyone know of a good chess site…I use to play in gamezone but there got to be to many jerks & hackers…they pretty much shut a while back.


Hi Jeff,

I used to play quite a lot at one time, if you find a site let me know I’d be up for it



Yahoo is were I play and I enjoy it.

Lets play?

I will try to find a good one…I will look at Yahoo…I like to find one that does both
1 minute - 30 minute time limits…will let you know what I find.


I used to play on Yahoo too. Anyone play Go?

Did you mean Go Fish Dominic :mrgreen::wink:



Lol, no, but I’ll take ya on in a game of Chess too :slight_smile: Go is a several thousand year old game usually played with black and white stones.

Tick Tack Toe anyone? …

Nope, but the bride has one she likes called, STOP! it applies to anything I’m doing or thinking about doing except for going to work :lol::lol:

If only it weren’t sooo true. :neutral:

I joined
I am under NC_Yank
The site is free…


drop me a note some time to schedule a game or you may find me
there from time to time…

I’ll look you up as soon as I get some free time. Right now I have that penciled in around February 29th, 2013

Hey Guys,

I’m still waiting…surely we can put our politics aside and go at it on a chess board. lol


Sounds like fun. If I wasn’t getting ready for 2 NACHI conferences next week I’d play you a game :wink: Is free?

Who the hell is Herry, is that your chess code name! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: lol

ha ha ha ha ha