What do you do in your spare time

For those that have a life…:mrgreen:… what do you do in your spare time…be it relaxing, sports, hobbies?

I myself ride my motorcycle (05 FJR 1300), involved in my kids sports (currently coaching soccer for older teens) and am addicted to playing chess…sometime longer than I should but I love to talk to people all over the world including in some of the countries I was stationed while in the military.

So what is your life outside of HI like…



Up until last week I rode motocross on Sat and played on a football team on Sun… every Sunday like clockwork. Doctor told me to stop. I got hurt pretty bad last week. Had X-rays, ultrasound and today an MRI on my lower back. I can’t really walk this week. Crawling everywhere even to work.

CR-250 with an FMF pipe and a 51 tooth rear sprocket. It looked very lonely this weekend.

Out running Mustangs and Corvettes in my 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. I have won so many trophies and plaques at shows that they are all in boxes. KCFOG best of show just a month ago. Gets 33 MPG on the highway if I drive 80; gets only 31 doing 70; don’t ask me why. I wonder if Jeff Barnes has a…

Good thread Jeff.

Most stuff I do revolves around coaching my oldest sons (8 yrs old) sports teams - baseball, basketball, karate, soccer. I’ve been accused of having more fun than the kids at times!

I am on the school board too, just started before school let out, so we’ll see how that works out. :mrgreen:

When the younger one (9 months) is old enough, I’ll repeat. :slight_smile:

I play softball once a week and also love to play chess. I used to be in the USCF and they had a great on-line interface to play, but I looked for it about 6 months ago and seems they didn’t have it anymore.

If you know of a good on-line chess site, let me know (Yahoo doesn’t count. :)) Otherwise we can play chess by email. p-Q4 :slight_smile: rick@owlhomeinspections.com

I also try to take the wife out once in a while.

I come here and watch the same old idiots make fools of themselves. It doesn’t take much to get them going.:mrgreen::mrgreen:


I enjoy riding my Harley, went on a 140 mile ride yesterday. I like to fish and go target shooting quite a bit.

I have a passion for old lever action Winchesters.

We enjoy riding our moto too…and grand parenting…and gardening…and bicycling…and shooting…:smiley:

We are currently looking for another truck camper.

We would like a most excellent Hallmark or Outfitter type pop-up truck camper if anyone has one for sale.

I am a Gamer. I play FPS (First Person Shooter) Strategy games online. Its something I can drop at a moments notice to answer the phone for work.

Besides the basic classic games, Currently I like Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Here is a link to what the game looks like.

Growing old sucks

pictures please

You can find me on Chess.com… look up NC_Yank, I have been playing off and on for about 40 years…dag, that sounds longer than it is… lol

Let me know if there are dates you get to hang child molesters… I will be glad to join and bring the rope.

Hi to all,

I study ancient history and social anthropology, plus I love trivia and anything with a piston engine strapped to it (old cars, planes, boats and motorbikes) Gimme an old BMW R75 to play with and I am happy :smiley:


Skydiving, Guns and playing with my kids boy is 1, girl 2 1/2 “O” gaming first person shooters and taking the wife out when shes good :mrgreen:

HaHa…Me too! Kinda like watching a demolition derby isn’t it.

I like to make atomic weapons out of old automobile parts.

I also get up at 6:00am sharp each morning, run 36 miles (one way) and get back to the house in time to make a special lunch for my sweety who is still working as a Senior DBA for Duke Energy.

Then in the afternoon I’ll paint (inside and out) three or four houses in disrepair around the Southwest Ohio area.

Return home in time to consult the Astronauts at the Space Station before making dinner, doing the week’s laundry, and clean the entire house.

Oh, you mean in my spare time…

I take a nap.

Watch Lisa on Ice Road Truckers and then take wife to Dairy Queen.

Motorcycles, Offshore fishing (don’t get out as much as I’d like), shooting (been getting into IDPA) - all with my adult sons.


I had a CR-250 but discovered that I don’t bounce back from crashes like I used to.