Does anyone know what this is for?

Saw this in the basement of an old home. Could anyone offer what this is used for?

Old cistern?


Welcome to our forum, Peter!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thank You!

Approximately, how big is it, Peter?

I have never seen anything like it. Is that a lid on top? If so, I wonder what was below it.

About 4 by 4 ft and 3 ft high

I couldn’t get the lid off

A secret vault full of treasure?

Stephen has a good guess.

But, I like Russell’s idea better. So, I would have gotten the top off! LOL. :crazy_face:

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It’s the prototype George Foreman Fatbuster Grill. Domed cooktop, grease collector all around, and overflow spout at the front. Even has the remains of the overheat meat rack posts on either side. :sunglasses:

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Was there any bones in the bottom of it?

What year was the home constructed in?

Perhaps an old home mill? Top piece missing that may have mounted to those things on the side. The small pipe could be the outlet?
Just spitballing.

Maybe for wine or other fruits/veggies?

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The latest word, from asking around, is that it is an old grape press for making wine. What is left is the base of the press. Seems like the base is a bit over built to me, but what the heck do I know, I never saw one before.

…that or possibly remains of an old olive press.

It appears to have an overflow. Possibly for fermenting… kim chee! Or wine or beer.