Does anyone use Horizon Software?

(Chad Tuttle) #1

I am a new inspector. I have been using Horizon software and I’m not very happy with it. The business side is great and the automated emails and online contract signing are fabulous. However the report seems to be lacking something and the format can be difficult to read, especially online. I would like to hear from anyone currently using Horizon or who has used it in the past but changed to another software. Thanks for all your insight!

(Christopher L. Barnes) #2

I have not used it. But I did demo it recently…

(David Asselin) #3

Most inspectors I know here in BC uses horizon. That’s the software we use when getting trained. No software is perfect, horizon is a great software but I would have to say the same of most others as well. It’s whatever you get use to using. HIP and HG are great, Tap Inspect is just as good. Try many and you will see. I find horizon expensive compare to HIP.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #4

I used Horizon when new to the profession because it is pretty and adds tons of illustrations that can make a less experienced Inspector look good.As far as customization goes it may not be the best and yes it is expensive.Like many it has its good and bad points.I am not in heaven with HIP but can not find a better option.When I find something better will be all over the internet singing praises.HIP on its latest upgrade allows you to attach PDF and illustrations triggered by keywords …how cool is that ?

(George P. Wells, CMI) #5

One of the first rules of business is never throw good money after bad. Cut your losses and move on.