Looking for new report software

still using the freebie from my school, looking for good report software with out all the bells and whistles of marketing invoices etc… im good in those departments, with QBO, etc…

I have had HIP for over 10 years.
Great support.
Solid product.

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3D Inspect it , been using it for a year now, works great, when I get back to the office all I have to do is review the report and send it.

I only run Apple products and Tap Inspect works well for me.

Welcome Carl:
There are about 1 thousand threads about this topic, well maybe not that many, but lots. Use the search function here.
Most software providers have a trial download. Grab a few and see what works best for you. I used Home Inspector Pro, as mentioned above, and loved it. Another is Home Gauge but it won’t work with a Mac. There are lots of others. Take your time get lots of trials and play with them.


Same here, I agree!

I also use HIP and love it. But, everyone is different. Try out some of the free trial versions as Doug said and decide what works best for you.
Good Luck!

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I’m a new inspector and considering Tap Inspect and Inspector Nexus. Can you tell me what you like about Tap Inspect?

Welcome to our forum, Jim!..Enjoy! :smile:

I’ve been using 3D for over 17 years now and considered another software, one that’s been mentioned a couple times in this thread, tried it out for a couple weeks and decided to stick with 3D.

As with any software, it will take you a couple weeks to do a deep dive to really understand how to work it and make it fit your needs. And even after 17 years, I’m still constantly tweaking and updating my software to make it work better for me and shorten my reporting time while ending up with a more concise report.

3D is more expensive than the other software out there, but for good reason. https://3dinspection.com

Jim for me it’s easy to use. 100% of the home inspection is done on my iPad. I can move sections around easily. I don’t pay a monthly fee to have access to some cloud. The cost is five dollars per use. The fee is easily rolled into my cost same as buyback guarantee fee.

You can download the app yourself and you get five free inspections. Try it out and see how you like it.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did played around with it today and found it to be very user-friendly. Also watched a few of his YouTube videos which are helpful.

Again, appreciate the feedback.

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