What do you like and dislike about your inspection software?

Personally I use “Inspect It”. Its OK, one thing I dislike about it, is the fact that it takes me forever to find common defects and preset information that I use regularly.

I feel like its quite lumbering at times… but I do like how it makes my reports look in the end. :mrgreen:

What about you guys?

HomeGauge. It is a little difficult to get used to, but offers more flexibility.

Home Inspector Pro gets my vote: www.homeinspectorpro.com

H.I.P. for me as well, no complaints. Easy to use, and produces a professional looking report.

  • excellent support.

I like HIP.


Ease of use, flexibility, great presentation, easy to customize, and great support.


I don’t know all the tips and tricks that are available to me which I plan on changing in A.C. :slight_smile:

Thanks for including that as well. I’ve never had any issues with HIP, so didn’t think about it. It’s been working flawlessly.

All report software has specific things to like and dislike.

HomeGauge works for me. Don’t know much about their support because I haven’t needed any over the last 5 years.

Same here (only over the last 7 years).

I just downloaded the latest beta and you have drop lists without limit to work with plus my Android camera combined in makes it a winner.

I have two large multi unit buildings with storefronts and doing separate reports though side by side.

Thanks to the HIP software I can separate everything and slot every single picture with captions as I go.

Beginning to freak out about how great it is getting.
Reports are my biggest challenge and see nothing better.

When I get home will have at least 400 pictures already inserted and waiting with captions attached.

Nothing can stop you from making money like bad software that is difficult to work with.
HIP does soo much with a easy to understand feel to it .

Make it work baby …“MAKE IT WORK” OH yeah!!! :slight_smile:

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Are you another one of those spammer guys flooding my in-box?!
Or can’t you operate the search option of this message baord?

Are you another one of those spammer guys flooding my in-box?!
Or can’t you operate the search option of this message board?

To start with, become a member…

I am another fan of Home Inspector Pro. I have tried a few but HIP was the best in my opinion. Support is great even though Dom might be pissed at me right now over another matter, but he will get over it…hahaha


He must love you as everytime your name is mentioned he says Hon.

Bob, drop down lists in the Android version now?

LMAO…now that was funny no matter who you are…I just spitt soda all over my monitor…hahaha


I use HG 4 and I don’t like how it does the page breaks lots of wasted space. They may have addressed this with HG 5 but not sure.

Some reason you are not doing Beta testing ?

Yes the entire feel much better in the Betas than the play store version.
You have much to look forward to.

Pictures are faster and effortless at last and I am now developing general dropdown lists the last version only allowing 2 per sentence but a new one just came out which works with at least 3 or more (tried 3 so far) no issues at all from my end.

I think he is needing a few weeks to work out bugs as the Android has so many different hardwares to work with.

My picture speed is doubled so far but hang tight as it is only getting better.

If using a phone my EVO LTE is rocking.
The Android camera is now usable for me.

Do not forget merge is out as well.
You can use a tablet /phone /laptop / etc all at the same inspection and combine now.

Back to setting up my new templates…lol

I have been considering Inspectit, from AHIT. any comments?