Does anyone use quick books?

Does anyone use quick books? Or a recommendation?

I have used QB for many years and am a Intuit Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor.
When not doing inspections I provide Installation, Setup, Clean up and Trouble shooting of all QB products.
If you are looking for accounting software QB pro can not be beat. Like anything though you have to devote a little time to learning the software. QB by far is the easiest to learn.
Properly set up and maintained it will give you and your accountant/tax preparer
everything needed to know how your business is doing and make tax time a breeze.
One thing though, unless you have been doing this many years a CPA/Tax preparer
in addition to the work you do on your daily books is a must.

Shout out if you need anything.


I do and I love it. I have used it for years.

I made a decision to not use it as it does not sync well with other programs.
That is something to think about.

Try and export to something else to see what I mean.
Just something I have seen complained about , so please let me know if I am wrong.

What would you like it to sync to?

Say you wish to download the client list is off top of my head.
Read issues on the CNET reviews page.

Non the less I found free versions that I have posted as recently as last week.

Not to mention Quick books also has a free version ,but I do not use it.The name escapes me though it is called Quick books simple or something like that.

Just looking and found this old save of free information software.
Big list here…

I use QB for contractors :slight_smile:

Hey John

Good choice…premier contractor edition does it all and then some.

I’ve used Quickbooks for a long time as well. Wouldn’t think of using anything else at this point. Once in a blue moon I feel the need to export customer lists and QB exports to Excel or a .csv file just fine.

Right Mike
You can also create customer phone list or a customer list which includes all customer info available and then customize that list by removing columns you dont want, save as memorized report, rename and you then have a current customer list report at finger tips
in 1 click any time you want it ! Yep, you can export that report to excel also.

I bought a new full version of QuickBooks simple on Ebay for $10.00.

That is what I thought was not possible.
I read it did not support cross platforms or multiple sharing.

GOOD DEAL as long as it is new and never been registered before.
I get a 20% discount on QB pro =149.00
30% on premier = 279.00
Simple Start - no discouint

I checked out ebay and QB pro going for 108.00! (hope it can be registered)
Premier for about 200.00.

FYI - If buying previous years software…Intuit only provides support, security and maintenance updates for the current year and 2 previous years.
In about April 2010 Intuit will stop providing support, updates for all 2007 products.
You can still use it just risk data loss etc. if you have a problem with the program.

Mine was never registered. I bought it last year, it was a 2009 version.

This is what I bought

It looks this guy has several.

James thanks for the good info!

Why pay for 2009, when you can get 2010 for free???

This is only good for 20 clients, on a good month that would last only about a month.

I have double that in a week!