Free Quick books

I was looking for a free program to help my non existant accounting skills and came across this free version of Quick books.
Should be all you need for your business , so check it out.

That’s awesome Bob. I never realized Quickbooks had a free version! It’s got enough of their main features to make it worth using.

Thanks Bob! Just what I need.

Someone on the HIP forum mentioned that new computers are being shipped with this program.(just found out)

My wife’s laptop came with it over 2 years ago but I never used it and I lost it when I had to replace her HDD.:frowning:

Thanks for the link.:slight_smile:

Just realize it takes a good 15 or 20 minutes to load.
Has great tutorials ,and I am just starting ,but can see the value.

Taking 2 hours to find $100 in draws inspired me to find it.

Thx Bob!

Microsoft also has a free Accounting package at . BTW, no need to bash Microsoft, I’m just mentioning that they too have some good free stuff.

Looking at it I do see it takes up quite a bit of space.hmmm
Also I use OO rather than Excell,so I need to see if it can import OO calc.

OO can export files as Excel (.xls) format so you shouldn’t have any problem there.

Quickbooks Simple Start - 343 MB
Microsoft Accounting Express - 225 MB

Quick Books Pro 2006 - 719 MB

Been playing around with it , and see I am going to be using it.
Just what I have been looking for.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. At tax time I just print out the quarterly report and drop it off at the accountants office. For the annual taxes I bring the annual summary with me and we make sure everything adds up or make adjustments to suite Uncle Sam. If she screws up she goes to court to explain her calculations.:wink:

yeah , this is great.
Now if only biz picks up.
Hit my first dead water of the year since just after the 4th.

Just sent my first invoice and was told it looks great.

The quickbooks e-mails from within the program.

If you have nothing, you better download this baby.

I have been doing that for some time now as well. I also use a PayPal plug-in for QuickBooks to embed a “Pay Now” button on the e-mailed invoice. Works like a charm.

Yeah, Michael I see they have a credit card option.
I have not got that far yet.
Love the invoice thing though, as spreedsheets do not total , making for a big file.

No Bob, not the QuickBooks credit card option, that’s a full blown merchant account which costs extra and is not needed for those of us that elect to use PayPal. You can download a small applet from PayPal that places a button on the QuickBooks menu that once you have input the data to the invoice then you click that PayPal button and it formats the invoice and embeds a Pay Now button on the invoice and generates the e-mail to send. The client gets the invoice, reviews & approves it and clicks the Pay Now button and uses his credit card to pay into my PayPal account.

Thanks ,I have used the paypal e-mail request a few times.
It is nice that quickbooks allows that.
I have one regular client that insists on a preset spreedsheet,and wish I could change their minds , but will begin keeping track of their account from Quick books from now on.

Wish I had learned this stuff in school, but then I was to busy learning how the things we inspect work instead.