Bookkeeping software

Hello fellow Associates.
I am a newby from Canada and trying to find a bookkeeping software program specifically for home inspectors. Any suggestions out there, greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
John Byrne
Ontario, Can.

I am currently using QuickBooks Pro 2008, and I think its all I need for now.
I’m only using SOME of the features, and will grow into the others in the future…
I have a consultant from my BNI group assist me for two hours a month,
and he’s tweaked the “chart of accounts” “Vendors” and “Expenses”
to be very specific to my business.
I purchased it at Sam’s for $129, and thought it was a good deal…
Check it out at

Thank you for the info Steven. I will check that out. Presently I am trying to adapt with Simply Accounting and ‘nope’ I’m no geek with it. Again, thanks and enjoy this night.

You definitely want Quickbooks. It can do everything you need.

Many HG users use Quickbooks and love it.

HomeGauge or InterNACHIGauge software is integrated with Quickbooks. This means that you can export all customer info and invoice to Qbooks or import from Qbooks into the software (either way). It can even take a scheduled inspection on our online calendar from your agent customer or office person and from their the inspector can download the online appointment into the report. It populates the fields automatically. Then after the inspection you can export to Qbooks never having to type the info a single time!

Hey Russell is there a tutorial on Quickbooks and Homegauge useage? I have been having some problems with mine.

Has anybody tried the free version of Microsoft Accounting? What do you think of it?
I own a full version that came along with Microsoft Ultimate I bought off of Ebay last year but never used it. I am still using Quickbooks Pro 2003. Think about using a newer version of Microsoft or Quickbooks. But I do not like change.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve used the old and newer version of Quickbooks. Not a huge difference. I really can’t see a justifiable reason to upgrade that you would need (not that I can think of at least).

I’ve never tried the Microsoft Accounting though.