Does InterNACHI have a radon exam NRPP certified?

Getting my radon license and I submitted everything except the one thing I’m missing is the exam results from an NRPP or NRSB certified exam. I took the radon course offered by InterNACHI and passed the exam. But I’m unsure of how to find my actual test results or if the exam is actually certified. I know this is probably a simple answer but I’m stuck. Thanks in advance!

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Most states with Radon licensing require you to pay and take the NRSB Exam. Internachi is not typically a recognized exam provider.

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InterNACHI certification is approved for the 16 hours of education needed to sit for the NRPP or NRSB exam to be certified through those organizations. Check with your state to see which exam is required. Once you know which one you need to take if required, you will have to register and take the NRPP OR NRSB exam, those are proctored through places like PSI. I know some have switched to allow remote proctors so the exam can be taken at home.

Thanks you guys for the responses! I’m going to take a test from psi I believe.