Radon: NRSB or NRPP

I’ve done the Radon courses and now even though in my state it is not required, I am ready to take the Certification Test for Radon Measurement. Anyone have any preference on which organization; NRSB - National Radon Safety Board or NRPP - National Radon Proficiency Program
advantages of one over the other?

Also are these tests open book, such as are we able to bring the EPA publications for reference and notes, especially with regard to formulas or should I make sure I have these all fresh in my mind?

Larry M.

I did the NRPP, it was closed book and a tough exam so make sure you know you’re stuff. 40 per cent of my class failed…

Check with your state level EPA as in ky they are pushing to require cert and when they do, they will accept the NRPP. Adopting them as the standard

So, are the NRSB and NRPP one in the same exams or are they different?

I have taken an approved NRPP 16-hour course in Radon Measurement as required pre-req for the exam and also completed the iNACHI Advanced Radon Measurement course as additional exam prep. NRPP is the only sponsor listed by PSI if you register with them. NRSB exam apparently is ordered and administered by approved proctor from the academic community? NRPP is closed book, not so sure about NRSB?

Who can clarify?

Why waste your money? You have two certifications from InterNACHI. You are about to pay to take a test and pay to belong to an association your client has never heard of and would not be able to compare it to the certs you already have.

I passed the internachi Advanced Radon Course with a 93% and then failed the state test with a 61%.

After completing the internachi course I purchased the flash cards from NRPP, read additional information such as “Citizen Guide to Radon” / “Home Owners and Sellers Guide” / “Customer Guide.”

The test is $140 each time.

Plan to study more and try again. Another gentleman that was testing was on his 3rd try.

Go with NRSB

What state? If Illinois two attempts is common due to the psycho babble they use to prove how good a test taker you are not what you know about radon.

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