Radon Testing Certification

National Environmental Health Association National Proficiency Program (NEHA-NRPP) and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).

To compete with the better and higher price home inspectors offering radon testing I think certification by the above mentioned organizations is the way to go. I know many Internachi members do radon testing but has anyone been certified by the the organizations listed? If so can anyone offer me advice on who does a good online course?

NEHA dropped radon about 3 years ago. They have nothing to do with accrediting anything to do with radon any longer. BTW, our radon course was NEHA approved back when they used to be involved in radon.

It’s all NRPP and AARST now. InterNACHI’s free, online radon course is approved by both NRPP and AARST and many state agencies: http://www.nachi.org/radon-measurement-service-provider-online-course.htm

The advanced radon measurement course offered by iNACHI in an assepred pre-requisite for the NRPP exam, they offer proctored testing at varied locations, I took the exam about 20 min from my house in MA. The iNACHI course is good.

Rhode Island requires the NRPP cert as a pre-requisite for the dept of health radon licenses.

Thanks for the replies. I took the Internachi course last year so I guess I’ll do it over soon and start looking for an approved test. Radon testing is requested often enough around here, I’m not too interested in doing the testing but I’ll do radon if asked. I use a CRM.

During the busy aspect of the year, radon generates about $1200 per week for me. $500 to $600 when it is slower. I have 8 units. I package it in inspections for a discounted price and charge a bit more on its own. It generated about $30,000 last year with me doing virtually nothing. I started with a rental and added a new unit as I needed to. You really need multiple units. It’s a no brainer for you. Align with a good installer or two as well for when you hit elevated numbers.

I do know a radon mitigator. I am thinking of getting a 2nd machine. Radstar or the Sun Nuclear 1028. I like the canisters if people aren’t in a huge hurry.

I have a guy close by who uses a Siren monitor, not legal but his realtor referrals are constant.

You have to obtain the certification in Ohio and then pay $400 for a license from the Ohio Department of Health. An expensive process…
And then the license is only good for 2 years…

I’m on it, the University of Minnesota does certification testing


See what Minnesota requires for Radon testing, some states have no requirements…Ohio is stupid, crazy with their requirements. They have all sorts of rules and regulations but they don’t offer any testing themselves.

There is a lady in Pittsburgh who travels around giving classes or (probably your best bet) would be MURC- Minnesota Universities Radon Consortium, if they do in state testing, They come to Columbus, Ohio every year.

You can also try PSI, you can set up an appointment when you are ready, go to their local testing site and take the on-line test. You will find out immediately if you passed or not.

Online sounds like my best bet.

UofM class is $450- test is $175

I’m taking a thermographer test Sunday with Infraspection for the Level 1 cert.
Then on to Level 2, then radon:shock:

Its not cheap being a HI.

I just took the Radon Measurement tech exam yesterday. I took the InterNACHI course.
The test questions were word for word of course content.
There are schools charging upwards of $500 for the course. You know how much the InterNACHI course is for members…

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