Does this trap look kosher?

This trap is to a tub, turns down into the y fitting pretty quick.

Looks okay from here, but I’m all the way over in Minnesota :D:D

Looks like the equivalent of an S trap to me.

It is not an S trap in any way. Sorry Mark. Look again.

I agree Mark…the length of horizontal arm connecting to the wye should be at least 2x the diameter of the pipe. It doesn’t appear to meet that requirement to me.

You raise a good point Mike.

I don’t see how it’s an S because the vent is above the wye…

Those drawings don’t show the same thing as the photos. It appears the actual photos show the trap joined via a wye connection with either a vent stack or other waste line. If it is a vent stack, there would be no S trap effect since the vent would allow the water to flow without creating the suction caused by a true S trap. Now if that is connected to another waste line, there could be problems. With a tub draining, there could very well be a strong enough and long enough draw on the upper waste pipe to drain an upper P trap.

So what was it? A vent stack or waste line?

I’m with Mark. Trap arm is too short.

It is too close to an open J-Box.

I’ve just never see the caveat of ‘if the vent is close then the horizontal arm doesn’t need to meet the 2x dimension’. Makes sense though. We need master plumber to call this one I think.

Did everything drain correctly?

The question is Does it SMELL kosher? :stuck_out_tongue: If that stack is vented, it probably drains ok without siphoning out the trap. I’d just mention possible amateur workmanship.

John Kogel

well I believe it smells bad! it is equal to a s-trap. vented or not the possibility of it siphoning is there. This is a new contsruction inspection. pre-drywall no water on yet to test. but city inspectors missed it!:wink:

If that is an open vent above the wye there is no possibility of siphoning. Siphoning is cause by the pipe being completely filled with water and the drain line, being longer and holding a greater weight of water, pulling the lesser weight of water from the trap. If there is an open vent, the required vacuum for siphoning does not exist.

thanks stephen and all