Doing re-inspections after repairs are made? New re-inspection agreement coming soon.

Legal Department hard at work on it. Should have it soon.

Is it going to be a rider to the pre-inspection agreement?

Looking forward to seeing that, re-inspections have become numerous as the damaged foreclosure sales mount.

Gee, Joe, and I thought it was only in this area!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Its better to have the re-inspection covered within the first agreement.
This saves a lot of work later.

Also, be careful with promising re-inspections. Some houses have issues where you do not want to be the “last man in”.

How are you guys handling that now when re-inspecting repaired items.?

A new contract and report or do you just note it on the original report?

Re-inspections are covered under my service agreement and in my report.

Look for version 4.1 in less than a month. It has a reinspection feature:

In HG select the open folder to view all of your reports. Choose the one to reinspect and select the reinspection button. It will automatically make a duplicate of that report, change the date and automatically exclude all items except the summary items and flags them. Then you selct the Find first flag find next flag and it will take you to those items. Then use the stamp button to automatically time stamp the comment and include whatever comment you want. Upload the report and your done.

This feature will make re-inspections a breeze. you can select overviews at each section that says whatever you want to say like:

This is a re-inspection of only those inspection items listed below. It is not a full inspection according to Standards and Practice as in a full home inspection. Conditions could have changed on any item since my original inspection and is not a part of this re-inspection.

Another Russel comes through for iNACHI. Now if I can just get him to spell his name correctly! :margarit:

Legal Dept added the following line to the existing InterNACHI residential inspection agreement, the agreement within the Commercial SOP doc pack and the online signable inspection agreement system

If CLIENT requests a re-inspection, the re-inspection is also subject to all the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.”