Re-inspection Agreemnts

I was wanting to know if anyone was using a Re-inspections Agreement? If so, does anyone have a good Re-inspection Agreement they would like to share, or have comments you put in one?


If I do re-inspections, my agreement remains the same. No changes…


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Addendum to original contract signed: 8/15/2007

**Report: ****# **
Property address:

Service provided: **re-inspection ** inspector will confirm items have been completed. This inspection does not imply any warranties of the items or that they have been completed in compliance with the local building codes. It is only to confirm that the agreed upon items have been completed in an acceptable manor.

Re-inspection fee…$ _______

Payment received…$___________

Client:____________________________ Dated:__________

Clients Rep:______________________ Dated:__________

Inspector:________________________ Dated:__________

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When I do a re-inspect it is a verbal report only. I let them know that it is not a gurantee, nor a warrantty on the work. Its just to let them know that the work has been done in a workmanlike manner.

Just one agreement. Mine includes this statement:

“Client agrees that any re-inspections requested and performed are limited inspections, for the items requested in writing and this agreement applies to re-inspections as well. Any problems resulting from the repair work are the sole responsibility of the other contractor. The client is advised to use only State licensed contractors for repairs.”