Dominion home inspectors now serves anywhere it is warm


We at Dominion Home Inspectors are happy to announce that our coverage area has expanded to anywhere that it is now warm. Unbelievable though it may seem, our policy is to inspect any home that is located in an area where there is no snow! And that includes the Caribbean, Southern United States of America and Hawaii.

State licenses? “We don’t need no steenkin’ licenses!” as Dominion can now offer our new ‘After hours’, ‘Hit and run’ and ‘Cross over to the dark side’ ( 10:00PM to 4:00 AM) inspections . And remember, for every degree above 85*F we will take $10. off the price of the inspection!


I know, it IS crazy, but if you are going to expand your service area like this, you might as well jump in ( the pool) with both feet!


From 01 January to 31 May 2009, DOMINION HOME INSPECTORS INC. is pleased to offer our southern clients the $50. ’Palm Tree Rip Off’ !!! Yes through the judicious use of exclamation marks and a little daring book keeping, DOMINION will take an additional $50. off the price of the inspection if there are Palm Trees located within one mile of the inspected property AND an additional $50. reduction if the property is ocean front ( inspection time may take up to 2 weeks)

CALL NOW! ( be sure to let the phone ring at least ten times as I am busy packing my beach towel and swim fins)

Creative stuff!

Let us know about your success!


If you need any help with those Hawaii inspections, let me know.

I’ll have to tell you that I am very thorough and would probably need at least a week (probably two) to inspect in a tropical climate. :mrgreen:

George, you may waive your fee completely. Just charge for travel expenses:mrgreen:

"I’ll have to tell you that I am very thorough and would probably need at least a week (probably two) to inspect in a tropical climate. :mrgreen:"

TWO WEEKS FOR AN INSPECTION IN HAWAII ??!!? This isn’t some el-cheepo drive-by service you know. I expect that to be really thorough it will take the both us at least three weeks. ;-):smiley:

George, may I take it that it’s getting a little chilly localy?? funny we don’t have that problem down here, the only issue we have at 75 degrees (on a cool day) is that houses aren’t selling :frowning:



Hi Gerry.

It has risen to a balmy -2*F here this morning. ( did I mention that I hate you?;-))

Global warming my frozen backside.:roll:

Was thinking for 2009 I will offer DRIVE BY INSPECTIONS for $100.00
It will be great!!!
dont have to get out of my car, 2 minutes to complete, save the cheapskate of clients who just want a inexpensive inspection on one of thier most largest investments they will make
And my competition home inspectors in the area who sell themselves short on discounts wont be able to match my price LOL LOL