Hiring inspectors in Tampa Bay

We are looking for FL licensed home inspectors to perform insurance inspections in the Tampa Bay area. You will work from your house and drive to the inspection properties. All scheduling will be done for you. Some tools are provided. I have the tools to make the attic work A LOT easier. No experience is necessary and all training will be provided. Good driving record and reliable vehicle required. Physically fit is also a desired due to climbing and crawling through hot attics at times.
Please contact Jeff Woodley if you or someone you know is interested.

Thank you,

Jeff I checked out your website…

I cut and pasted the services info…

Our Services
Four Point Inspection (includes Roof information) $65
Wind Mitigation (includes Roof Certification) $65
Four Point and Wind Mitigation Combo $90
Roof Certification $45
Replacement Cost Valuation (Residential) $100

Please let us know how this works out for you…

What’s the split on a $45.00 roof certification?


Too close to Joey for my liking…


It’s been my experience that people are often paid what they are worth, that being said… This price structure leads me to believe the hiring company is not that familiar with the Tampa market, currently there is enough work to go around, so why leave money on the table?

The real question is who are you going to hire that you can trust to complete the jobs at this price? Not a licensed home inspector, that’s for sure.

For those concerned, our compensation to our employees is based on quality of work not on our prices for insurance inspections. We seek new licensed home inspectors for various reasons. We are not interested in hiring seasoned home inspectors that have a thriving business in the Tampa Bay area but thank you for your interest.



Is this a defunct company trying to hire employees?

From FLorida SOS

Changed ownership Mr. Evans.
But yes, I have nothing better to do with my time but sit around and post job hiring ads for a “defunct” company. Most of us have more productive things to do with our time than look at job hiring posts from another state! But I guess that is why you are looking at “now hiring” ads.

Sharks smell blood from miles away. :stuck_out_tongue:

When they start reprting posts it’s like a distress beacon, begging for attention. Sometimes they don’t like the attention that they get. Exactly what company is looking to hire, because the website with the funny pricing belongs to a defunct company that is connected to the same people? Makes one wonder… Zombie company that rises from the dead maybe.

Four Point Inspection (includes Roof information) $65
Wind Mitigation (includes Roof Certification) $65
Four Point and Wind Mitigation Combo $90
Roof Certification $45
Replacement Cost Valuation (Residential) $100

So if this is all you charge what is the inspector’s cut?

Why are you all raining on this guys parade. He is out there tyring to feed his family. If someone wants to work for him so be it. How many of you worked for the WCE’s in the begining and worked for next to nothing.

Do I agree with his price structure? No. But if it works for him so be it and good for him. Jeff - ignore the ones that want to pull you down. As long as you are doing it the right way, go out there and build your business.

You mean like this?..

Or maybe it was this one?..

Like YOU don’t rain on people’s parades?!

Just thought I would point out that you are not different. Check your prices out. Most of them are not too much higher than what he is charging. Have you ever figured out how much it costs you to actually do an inspection, and I mean all of the costs. For that $100 wind mit it probablyl costs you $40.00 in gas, time, advetising, phone, insurances. If he pays someone $50.00 they might be making more than you without the expense.

You may not like me, and at that I do not care, but a lor of my posts are to better this business. You may not think so, but look at the reaction they get. Some of you are actually starting to think and question some of the things put on this board. Other dont care. So be it. There will always be bottom feeders. I will bet you Mr. Woodly will have a thriving business and that his prices go up soon.

Those quotes were not in the origianl post. And yes they are mine. And yes I believe in both statement. I think is funny you pullinj them out when you are not charging much more than Mr. Woodly is.

Insurance inspections seem to pay low to start with and that would drive them even lower. I’m sure if you asked a contractor, an engineer, or an architect to perform a wind mit for $75 you would get laughed at. Bottom feeders like this make the whole industry look bad.

…do you really charge $320.00 for a home inspection up to 2,000sf? The National average is $450-$500.