Don’t let slow business lead to a scam

Great string. Just got a fresh “Hi. I’m Hill. I would like to know if you are available to inspect my house 5th of December around Bryan” from (601) 316-3457.
They’re still out there. Be careful.

I had received this exact text , Iam a new inspector so was not sure but was suspicious. Also told him I would not relay payment to other contractors. He did send me a check thru expess mail that had $26 to receive, I refused, sent it back and text him back to let him know. That was the last I heard from him.
Just received another text very familiar.

Well that’s a new development. I know many have been playing along long enough to get them to send the check, in hopes that the cost of sending checks would dent their pocketbooks some. So now they are sending the check COD apparently, lol.


Do you folks realize they continue to do this because every single day people fall for it? [don’t expect them to post here] What a sick world we live in.