Don’t let slow business lead to a scam

Well, duh! Everyone knows SCAMMING is part of a GLOBAL Economy!!

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I got this one. I called the listing agent who said there was no contract on the house.

“Hello, this is Davidson, Home inspection is needed on 19th of this month are you guys available?”

Am on Vacation but I want the inspection done before my arrival I’ll be the one to provide access on the house, bcos am Currently not working with any realtor house address to be inspected is–
1040 Island Creek Rd,
Monroe, OH 45144
" And it’s a–
3bed2.5bath2,146sqft5acre lot
please provide me your estimate on both the Home inspection and the radon testing including the termite inspection I will have the Mold guys take care of other inspections in the house. Let’s me have your estimate."

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My dog is rich!


Let me know once the check has been deposited your End so we can also get things done with the mold people after the Check Cleared your End.

I have the check
The fee was $826 but the check is only made out for 480

Pls text me the picture of Check for Confirmation ?

My daughter has it she won’t be here until tomorrow afternoon

Okay just text me the picture when she’s back or she can snap the picture Check and send it over to you on phone as well


Your post is priceless!! Keep it up my man!!


Somebody is Rich.


That’s fantastic!


LMAO :rofl::joy::rofl: @bhull1 !!!


Literally laughing out loud!! Had to sound it out! OMG!!!


Pls let me have the Copy of the Check received to Confirm the amount with you this morning!

Anna already deposited the check
It was only for $480
I don’t know why you have shorted me $346, but you have

I’m sorry but I put up with a lot of stupid stuff with you and I intend to keep the $480 as payment for my time and effort.

I am going over to the home today to do the outside and will wait for the rest of the money. If you don’t want to send it to me that’s fine you will not get it back

Provide me the Confirmation that you only received $480 and stop playing games with me

I’m not playing games I’ve had it with your shit send the money or goodbye

guess my client has gone bye bye after 10 days of fun


I got the same text this morning, same number going by the name Hill. I just replied “Do you want me to pay the mold inspector?”


These guys are nuts!! I got one about a week ago.
Same last name😅.

Another type of scam, where they send you a phony receipt for a purchase and then want you to call if you want to cancel it. You call the number on the email and they collect your card info to cancel the purchase, but in reality they are collecting your card info to steal it.

But this one I had to chuckle at today. Even they knew I wasn’t going to fall for it apparently, lol.

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That’s part of their scam.
They know that people (like you) wouldn’t be able to resist clicking the link, thinking it’s too stupid to be a scam.
'Fess up. You clicked it, didn’t ya?!!

Actually, the entire thing was a graphic inserted into the email. So it was just a picture and none of the links were clickable. That is not always the case with these though.

I receive those occasionally in my email, with a link. They want you to click on it so they can insert a virus or malware on your computer. I just delete the whole email immediately. Mainly because I dont even use paypal, and also because the sender’s email address is usually some weird name, not @paypal.

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I do use PayPal and all the emails I get from them come from “”. Anything different from that would raise eyebrows.


I use PayPal as well and just forward those emails to:


Here is a recent text scam. Hard to resist clicking on the links. But with a little examination the fraud is clear.


Numb nuts can’t even spell Verizon… :thinking: