Donation Ideas for Japan - Red Cross

I will, at least in the short term, be donating to the Red Cross from time to time for our troubled allies in Japan.

As a suggestion, texting 90999 when you leave an inspection :smiley: isn’t a terrible idea.

If you want or can help, you can also read more about helping here

Not a nag by any means, my heart goes out to those affected. I realize we’re all having troubles, but nothing like this.

If anyone has ideas on ways to help in addition to the Red Cross. Post 'em up!!

I will help but I just wont’ do it through the Red Cross. Too many unpleasant personal experiences with the RC. But I agree we need to help wherever we can.

Completely agree…

Here is the info for the Salvation Army.
Text the words “Japan” or “Quake” to 80888 to make a $10 donation.


I can confirm this. My sister works at one of their stores. It should be known that the Salvation Army does not send the $10 to Japan, they use it as funding to assist Japan in whatever way is needed by Japan, ie… clothes, blankets, etc… This is due to the cost of shipping these items to Japan, and the lack of resources to handle receiving the items in Japan at this time. The purchasing is done on a more local to Japan basis.

Red Cross spent $127.5 Million in 2009 on …fund raising. They must have ex-Congressmen handling their budget.

Been watching the stories all evening.That is one dangerous island.Amazing how the Japanese have thrived there with little natural resources.
I grew up with a Japanese family being my families closest friends from parents to kids and they are the hardest working and cleanest people on the face of the earth.

Japanese Americans including my families friends were put in concentration camps out in California for the crime of being not white and the people are the only to ever have suffered through Atomic warfare.

Never saw any of them on the news looking for handouts or insisting on special education however they have thrived and blended in with America to be looked up to as the most intelligent among us.

The current wave of immigrants should look to them to see how it is done.

You are right Bob. I was deployed to Japan a couple of times and passed through there several others doing joint exercises with their maritime patrol forces. In spite of the devastation they are experiencing these people remain civil, helpful and by all accounts are patiently waiting in lines to receive food, water and aid without shoving, fighting, whining and looting. A stark contrast to what took place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

They are much more civilized.
Here we would see pictures of people throwing rocks at store windows to steal electronics as a 15 foot wave rushes over their heads.

I worry for the future here.

If you want to spread the Gospel to a lost and hurting people at the same time, here you go.