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As much as the world has given us, maybe we as a organization could start a collection to send to thoes in need???

If you feel that you could contribute, Please contact me at the below address??? icon_sad.gif

Stanley A Klaniecki
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i'am sure that it would be appreciated!!!

Hope this is OK with you Nick???

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Welcome to NACHI.

It's wonderful that you would volunteer to collect monies for the victims in Asia but the NACHI foundation would handle our proceeds.

You may want to contact...

Gary Johnson
The NACHI Foundation
7910 Belgaro Road
Laurel, MD 20723
(410) 987-4909

Just a side note...
The United States has originally sent victims 15 million dollars in aid but the UN stated that the US was STINGY. So the US boosted it up to 35 Million.

My sympathy goes out to the thousands of victims there.

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