Don't End Up In A Gang

Getting a Virginia Beach home inspection is important for a number of reasons. Here is one more, have fun :slight_smile:

LOL that is pretty good .

Ya…it is so good that I’m curious who did this promo for you? I like it.

That’s great!

Cant stop laughing. That was awsome

Yeah very funny.:slight_smile:

Do you need to add your own narration (your voice?) or did they do that for you ?

They did the video, I just added the intro.

Then you have a very good professional voice.
Maybe I should have lip synced and asked you to do my audio…lol

No, I did added the Safe House water intro. The video and narration is from ISG. I think the narrator is actually Nathan’s brother.

Good one Troy :slight_smile:


Where did you go to get this done for you?

It was done by Nathan’s group

Thanks Troy. Great job.

well done

I like it.


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Lmao !!! I gotta show people this !!


It is a good video and it convinced me to give RecallChek a test drive.

From the link on your website, I paid and started documenting my appliances model and serial numbers on the RecallChek form. As I needed more lines for appliances, I clicked on add more and puff, just like magic, all got erased…

And a message appeared an error has occurred. If you are having trouble, please try again or call us at 1-800-544-8156

Humm, what goes?

that video costs $400 usually:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: