Step over to balcony

Hey guys,

Here is new construction, 3rd floor to roof terrace.
Is it OK to have to step over to go in or out?

We have them here all the time


Sure beats letting water in.

Prefer the door to swing out however just make sure the gaskets are in place,has doorstop/door closer, and good to go.

It’s allowed up to 7 3/4" in height if the door swings in.

That’s for sure.

Gaskets in place, door was nice and tight.

Thanks for the extra detail Robert!


He is in Texas with no snow but???

Only trailers have doors swing out around here…

Same in CA.

Less inside space .

(take note)Commercial all exits must go to the outside for fire safety.

All Scandinavian countries and Finland use exterior doors that open outwardly.
They used to need double doors with a few cm. air gap in between for extra insulation. One on the inside opened inwardly, one on outside outwardly. When the doors became more efficient, they took the interior door out, but kept the exterior one still swinging outwards.For Finland (that I know of after living there a few year) this is not a code requirement, just tradition. They rarely have issues with snow.

So, after living in snow country, I wouldn’t worry too much about potentially, possibly, maybe getting a whopping hole 1 inch of snow. Plus this wouldn’t even get close to the door’s threshold.
If we ever had a freak storm and got 8-10 inches, I would be more worried about the unplanned load on that roof terrace than having to force the door open with 2-3 inches “blocking” it shut to shovel off the snow.

David yours have doors? you are in a high end area for sure;-) I bet radial tires too