Door Sill Kick Plate?

I know I should know what the proper technical term is for this face plate beneath the front entrance door is, however, I don’t and can’t find it anywhere in my resource library. Anybody want to take a stab?


That is what I call it.

Dah!..I should know this. Thanks gentlemen.

When big enough to sit on does it become a stoop?

Hey Stephen, I call it the sill support (or threshold support). The threshold is attached to the sill and is supported by the piece of wood in your picture.

Good point Robert. Thanks.

Either way works for the report.
I try and keep it understandable for the client so as long as they understand when reading you are fine.

Recommend sealing exterior threshold works fine for me however seal sill support does the trick also if you have a pic in the report.

I agree, as long as you have a picture you should be good. That defect is so common around here that I have an auto comment and I call it the threshold support.

Yeah I should put that on my list of future canned comments.:slight_smile:

Trying to get them in there.
The new HIP Android version (not out yet) is rumored to feature search as you type, meaning I may change over from my narrative approach.

Trip plate. :mrgreen:

Re-cladding the threshold.
Suspect: Bent, dinted, folding cladding with degrading paint at the door frame and trim on the exterior moldings and the threshold.
Recommend: Paint all open exposed wooden areas, Refasten separated wooden casement framing and trim using finishing nails to size.
Caulk all exterior trim work around the door framing and threshold.

The cladding looks bent.

Door sill is damaged, repair is recommended.

This threshold support actually already has a vinyl coated aluminum cladding over it. Hard to see in the pic I guess.

It was bent up a little on the edge. Wasn’t the best I’ve seen at customizing wood trim on a house.