Door Test

Does NACHI require , that we open man doors in the garage? Believe me , I tried

back doors.jpg

Thats why the doors are hung to swing inward, not outward. :slight_smile:

There is “snow-way” I can make it to work… :slight_smile:

Not only did it swing out, but the “security” lock was just string.
Also the overhead door on the front had the safety eyes on the floor… 1 inch of snow had blocked the eyes, so they just pulled the emergency lock until spring.
The older couple told me " The installer told them, six years before, that this was normal for that model of door." Even though they were the vendor and I was not doing the job for them, everyone onsite was happy when I pointed out how to raise the eye to the correct level.

Now THAT was a “snow job”!

Does this indicate a little eaves protection is necessary?
Third picture is inside the window.
The seller is a realtor who told me this house has a couple of small items that need attention, but he had stuck with another inspector who never costs him a sale. He stated he would give me a shot, to test whether I would cost him a sale.
The bathroom windows has water dripping down the walls and so did the laundry room and kitchen. I advised the buyer this whole roof needs to be done right.
On the outside the building is sitting on concrete blocks sitting on their side. only one block high, so I cannot even see under the building. They are sinking into the ground and the siding is buckling under them.
When I advised the buyer the building needs a proper foundation, he was think of dropping the purchase.
Poor me… now I have to find another realtor.

roof leaks4s.jpg

inside windows.jpg

roof leaks6s.jpg

The first photo reminds me of living in Sault Saint Marie. I miss the snow sometimes.

Never mind the eave protection I would be looking at insulation levels and ventilation…

So sorry you have to find another realtor . . . guess what? . . . I think you’ll find more.

W.Chris… YOU ARE 100% CORRECT! I will find another… (or hopefully a few more)
And it will be a realtor that will not imply that I should ensure his sale happens! I want one that is more interested in his clients than just this immediate sale now.
I did an inspection yesterday where the agent asked the girl. “Are you okay with this house? If not we will just go out and find you one where you are comfortable.” When I hear that, I know the agent is looking out for the client, not just his wallet.
Today I did an inspection on a house for a first time buyer. The agent tried to talk them into an inspection, just to protect them. The lady tolled me she did not see the value in an inspection. Finally the agent told her she would feel better if the buyer had an inspection so much that she would pay for herself. They told the client they recommended a super inspector who would point out what needed to be done now and what could be scheduled. (No guesses, she was talking about me) and would be very thourough. When I went onsite, the roof was covered with snow but I cleared enough to see it needs shingles now. They had been told it was good for about another five years. This plus the other items I reviewed with her, she told me. “Now I see what the value of your services are. You are worth every penny of this. Thanks”
When an agent such as on the pictured house tries to tell me his regular inspector makes sure the deal will go through, that tells me the inspector is trying to please the agent who is trying to please his wallet.
And those are the ones we hear about as the glaring inspection gone wrong on the news or TV. Most agents are interested in their clients welfare, and I really enjoy working with them.

Raymond… Insulation??? Ventilation??? I don’t think the house has either. You cannnot access the attic anywhere.
Generally everything that needs attention in the roof is covered up or inaccessable.
The main part of the “house” had six additions attached. All connecting areas had water leaking on the inside.
Also the foundation? Several 8"concrete blocks around the perimeter on their side… only one block high, that was sinking into the ground. The siding is buckling on some areas. An average of 4 - 6 inches off the ground! I advised this restricts visibility of the floor structure.

Not that I told the client, I think he was smart enough to see for himself, but the house is ready to be replaced.