Garage Firedoors

…that separate the garage and the living space, do they swing in to the house or the garage. I have always assumed into the house, but I can’t find any support for that.:-k

residential in, commercial out here…

I believe all residential entry doors are to swing in.

You might want to check with your local building codes, but as far I understand there are no code requirements for door swing in residential construction as long you meet the fire rating, closing requirements, light switching and if there is a difference in floor heights that might require a 36” landing.

There are multiple reasons.
It goes way back when it was common to add a storm door to protect the main door from storms, just like shutters on a window.

It added protection from the cold.

It prevented people from pulling the hinge pins and getting into your house, until the invention of the NRP Hinge. (non-removable pin)

It is easier for the fire department to break in should there be a fire.

It is easier for the occupant to shut the door on an intruder than it is to pull it shut on him.

It is easier to install weatherstripping.

Doors were not always made to withstand the weather.

The threshhold slopes out to keep the rain out.

I am sure there are hundreds of other reasons. :):wink:

Thanks guys. I was hoping someone had an IRC number laying around to back it up.

I’m almost positive there isn’t one.

No requirement which way door swings provided it does not swing over stairs.

Agree…I am not aware of one either.

Also Marcel, it allows you to open the door in the morning after an overnight snow storm. Where I live, if your residential door opened outward, you’d be trapped some mornings.

Ah yes Nick, that happened to me up North, where I was out of town and my wife was trapped inside the house.

Yes my door opened inside, but the screen door did not. :wink:
I had to call someone to go shovel her out. 24" of wind blown snow that time. :slight_smile:

had to get outside from the garage door here after a storm like that…storm doors snowed in on every exit…

R311.4.1 Exit door required.**Not less than one exit door conforming to this section shall be provided for each dwelling unit. The required exit door shall provide for direct access from habitable portions of the dwelling to the exterior without requiring travel through a garage.
Because this door is not considered an egress door it may swing either way and would also not be required to open over a landing
The only other code reference for this opening that I’m aware is contained in:
**R309.1 Opening protection. **openings from a private garage directly into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be permitted. Other openings between the garage and residence shall be equipped with solid wood not less than 1-3/8 inch in thickness or honeycomb core steel doors not less than 1-3/8 inches thick or 20-minute fire rated doors


Snow in the garage? lol just pulling some chains . Commercial outwards , I never heard of any on residential . Metal or solid wood around here that is about it. No pet doors