Dou you really miss Todd's Polls


I miss Todd’s sense of humor period. :cool:

Who is Todd?

Do You?

Brian, I believe you should have posted a poll on the topic :mrgreen:



We all choose our own future and I think Todd has made his choice for now . He can do things different if he wishes to .
Yes I do miss them

This should of been a poll :mrgreen:

Did the Pole melt in the heat?


I have been borrowing wireless, I got timed out before I could get there. :slight_smile:

Brian you are a funny guy. LOL

I probably miss my poles more than anyone else does.:wink:

Easy fix come on Back home where you want to be .

I am sure the past can be put behind and carry on helping All and making yourself and every one else Happy.

I think I am just fine where I am for the time being Roy.

Please, do we not have some say in this .
How about putting it to a vote .
Sorry only members get to vote.