Hey Ray, why don't you come back to InterNACHI. The past is the past.

We need the kill in you over here at InterNACHI. InterNACHI is really only in its beginning stages. We’re going to turn this thing into a monster and we need all the help we can get.

He was banned for a good reason. He trashed this organization. He has posted all over the internet on various message boards that this organization is a joke. He was not able to control himself. He can stay gone.

Thanks Nick but Stanzyck has spoken. :wink:

Crap on that idea. He is a pariah

Who is “we”, and why do we need…


Thanks Michael its clear Nick likes me more than he ever did you. :mrgreen:

I think I’ll put up a poll.

Good luck.

Oh wait, this is Nick’s poll.

How’s that working for ya?


Its rather apparent that you are a very insecure person. If you didn’t come off as a wannabe expert on any topic you may garner more friends.

And by the way just what have you done for Nachi? I may have been critical but unlike you I assisted in Nick and Nachi getting off the ground in Ontario and Canada. That fact you can never take away nor match it by sitting on your duff and showing just how ignorant you truly are.

If you are as cocksure as you think you are you would venture off this forum into the real world of discussion forums, but we know you are to insecure to venture out. :mrgreen:

I’ll go along with Nick.:slight_smile:

OK let the red squares fly. ;):mrgreen:

Hi Marcel

Hows it going?

Are you referring to former Nachi member of the year and now Active Rain’s top poster R.R.?

i go with Marcel

Not bad Ray and hope all is well with you. :slight_smile:

This should give me 10 more red squares Ray. ;):slight_smile:

Isn’t Raymond Wand the reason this board became moderated? Which the majority of regular posters do not like.

Here is my thought I read many posts about several Members . Others here bash This organization , And they are still allowed to post . I for one do not think one more can hurt. Yes i do not know the full details , And I Really do not care .

Same here Wayne, I agree with you.
I never had a problem with Ray and if people would learn to stop bashing and beating on others, would prevent a lot of defensive measures from the other party. :slight_smile:

Let me know when that happens… maybe a new CE course. :smiley:

Now that would be an intersting course. :wink:

Ah, forgive and forget. In my case… it’s mostly forget. I’ll tell you a funny, true story. Years ago, I was in a manufacturing business. One of my competitors and I got into a big argument which lead to us exchanging lawsuits. The lawyers finally settled it all up but the competitor was still pretty upset with me. And maybe he was right, I’m not so sure. Anyway, about 5 years pass and I decide to get out of the business. I had a warehouse full of parts to get rid of. I thought of my old competitor and so called him up, totally forgetting that we had this big legal fight. I told him that I had all this equipment and parts he could use and offered to ship it to him if he would pay the shipping C.O.D. He agreed. I shipped it all. We later bumped into each other. He starts giving me this big speech about what a class act I was for thinking of him even though we had such a horrible past. He ended by shaking my hand and telling me that I was a better man than he was. It was only then that I recalled the lawsuits. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I wasn’t all that great and that I didn’t forgive, but rather simply forgot. :smiley:

Is not in the good book to forgive? Just asking.