Double Ground Fault?

Ground fault receptacle in main bath. Trip the reset, and it trips the GFCI breaker in main panel. Go and reset breaker in main panel, and main bath receptacle and lights are working.

I go to adjacent master bath, no power. Go back to main bath, and reset GFCI button which is supplying the master bath receptacle.The master bath receptacle is also GFCI type.

Not sure if this is really a defect.

Are you saying there is a GFCI outlet on the same run as the GFCI breaker?
I ain’t hurting anything just redundant.

Sounds more like a PITA, at least for you :slight_smile:

He is a PITA.

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I don’t think it’s really a defect, just very redundant. And if your master bath receptacle trips, it could be tripped at that receptacle, or the main bath receptacle, so you gotta check two different receptacles, and if that work, then walk to the other end of the house, into the garage, and see if the breaker is tripped.

I wouldn’t wanna do that at 3 in the morning. :wink:

A real PITA, like Mr Frederick said

I’m sorry ! Mr. PITA.
Do you have to turn the light on at 3 am to do your business…
I’d figure you would have that memorized by now…

I don’t even have to get up.

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You have already explained why its a defect in your original post and above. You tested the GFCI outlet, a breaker tripped, you reset the breaker, but power was not restored, and power went out in another bathroom correct?. If you were a homeowner and did not know what was going you would call an electrician at this point because your hair dryer is not working. The electrician would probably remove the extra GFCI, and charge you hundreds of dollars.

Sounds like a defect to me.

I have seen realtors call out ‘no GFCI’ in homes where all the bathroom were wired to one GFCI. Probably what happened in the home you inspected. Homeowner say oh! goes to home depot, buys a GFCI, money is spent, dead dinos are burned, time is wasted on a useless trip and so on.

It does not work correctly so it is a fault and needs to be fixed by a qualified person .
Write it up .

what isn’t working correctly all the ground faults or throwing. I believe that I would have a note in general comments about it

Note It in your export within an explanation but not as a safety hazard.

I agree, the note will inform the owner of what to do if it ever trips. It’s not a defect, just an inconvenience.

Thanks guys, that’s basically what I did. I explained how it worked in general comments, but not in the summary as a noted defect, though what Erik says does make sense. I didn’t like that you may think the receptacle is tripped, when it’s not.

The client wasn’t there, so it took a lot of 'splaining.

I have had this happen a few times. My favorite was a three story home and GFCI outlets tripped on all three levels…by the time I had it all figured out, I had gotten one heck of a workout. It reminded me of doing “bleacher workouts” back in high school.

lol, My HS basketball coach made us do those for missing practice, talking back, fouling out, or getting detention in class.

I had the strongest legs on the darn team!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is not something you want to mention as being anything other than an inconvenience thing at this point. Mention it so that the customer won’t call start calling an Electrician when it happens…but mention it as a courtesy and nothing more.

I feel better now! LOL!

Like a friggin’ pond bird! Mr. Pond Bird!

Sounds like an electrician does need to be called. Opening up the main bath GFI and placing the feed (hot and neutral) for the master bath on the line side of the GFI (not the load) will fix this. You never want two GFI’s protecting the same circuit…that’s why there are line and load options on the device itself.

That is absolutely correct, Justin. I don’t normally tell a seller or client how to correct an electrical problem, but that is exactly what needs to be done. The scenario could still cause nuisance tripping, because then if the main bath were tripped, so would the master bath (since it’s being fed by the line side of main).

It’s still not a defect, though, it’s just a PITA. :cool: