Double Lugging

This panel is beneath the meter and should be the Service Equipment/Main disconnect. I know double lugging is prohobited and the feeder cable should have been connected to a breaker/disconnect at this panel but need the code violation/ref. indicating the deficiency. Thanks.

HPIM3404 (Small).JPG

**110.14 Electrical Connections. **Terminals for more than one conductor and terminals used to connect aluminum shall be so identified.

Not to mention the fact, that those conductors have no OCPD. . .

Thanks Jeff,

The panel on the interior is a Walker (fuse type) with a 100 amp disconnect. It has some issues as well. I can’t believe this service upgrade was not inspected and the feeder for the interior installed on a 100 amp breaker at the SE.

Also, from the picture, it looks like the AL conductor has been trimmed to allow both wires to fit…:twisted:


I agree. . .

Yep I also agree…and about 50% or less of the threads on that neutral strand is actually in the lug…

Maybe the Home Depot should start handling the Ilsco (or similar) line of splicing blocks. They can be a bit spendy for the insulated connectors but it is a simple solution for these ugly double taps.