Main Disconnect atypical situation

There is a weird situation with 2 conductors being connected on the same lug. I wonder if it’s a mistake or if it compliant with the electrical codes.IMG_2955

We are not code inspectors.

However the double lugged wires are not correct unless the lugs are listed and labeled for the dual wire use…which I doubt.

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Larry, we know there are a few exceptions for breakers that let you double tap smaller gauge conductors but are there actually breakers out there that let you double tap large gauge conductors like that?

It’s not a mistake. You have the service conductors coming into the top of the CB and two separate feeders doubled up on the bottom of the CB. If the terminals are listed for two conductor then the doubling is not an issue as Larry stated. It’s extremely unlikely that they are listed for more than one conductor. There could be some other issues but it’s not possible to tell from the photo.


I take that to mean it’s probably wrong but it was done intentionally so it wasn’t a mistake.


That was probably done after inspection.

No John. The picture I took was during the home inspection. This is what I found after removing the front cover of the main distribution box.

What I meant was, some one did that after the electrical inspection had passed. The electrical inspector would have rejected that.

Yes, I could have been a little more clear. This was done intentionally just not correctly.


Thank you much! I thought that too, but I had doubts thinking that I must consult the electrical codes to make sure about it.
That makes sense to me.