Double Main Panel Question

Crouse Hinds
120/240 3 Wire Single Phase
208Y/120 3 Wire Single Phase

Type G Panel Board

My concern is large threads of aluminum wire braded together tied into the panel. Should I be worried? This house has two mains and no sub panels.

This is extremely vague. Can you explain a bit better what you mean, or better yet posts a pic?

I have a feeling you are describing SEU cable which is perfectly fine.

Two mains? What exactly do you mean by that? Is this a parallel service?

Yes both are side by side and both have 2 120 SEC’s coming into them and both have large aluminum braded strand wire coming through the same knockout as the SEC’s. Each panel rates at 200AMPS max. Thanks for the help I really apprecaite it. I’ll post pics soon. The house is 3862 sq ft.

Here’s the panels I was talking about. Please let me know how you would report this… Thanks again!!

inspections 040.jpg

inspections 041.jpg

Both pictures are of the same panel.

No problem with the neutral in the SEC. There’s nothing wrong with having a parallel service.

Yup, that’s SEU cable and is typical.

Always when in doubt defer to a lisenced electrician :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys for the help everyone. I sure appreciate each and everyone of you. I didn’t want to refer this one. I knew I was probably missing the obvious. I guess standing there looking at two identical panels (indeed Bruce :slight_smile: ) just threw me for a min and started the question game in my head. Thanks again!

This is what I’m seeing installed for parallel service when the POCO leaves the seal off or the meter has been tampered with

Dog-gone, those panels are low. Another legal but dumb install.


This is not a paralleled service although it gets call this all the time.

Paralleled means that it is connected at both ends and this does not connect on both ends.

This is a service that has two disconnects instead of one. We are allowed to have up to six disconnects to serve as one main.