Double on AC disconnect

I recently found an 110V outlet wired directly into one leg for the AC disconnect. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the whole purpose of this outlet is to provide a service tech a power source when the AC is shut down. Also the circuit wire for the outlet is undersized and not GFI protected. Would removal of the 110V outlet be the correct recommendation?

I would certainly recommend removal, especially given the improper breaker rating for the wiring. Also, the narrower wire double-tapped with a thicker wire can come loose.


also, there is no neutral (grounded conductor) from this panel to the sub/main.

That is a dedicated circuit. There should be no additional outlets other than the condenser unit itself. . .

Jeff - well put.

In that one photo there are several code violations.

No connector on the cable in the back.
A receptacle box that is not rated for a wet location.
More than one conductor under a lug.
The incorrect tap to the receptacle.
No GFCI protection.
No wet location cover.
Grounded and grounding conductors not separated.
The feeder cable does contain a neutral otherwise it wouldn’t have a red conductor.

Great photo Jason!
I just nominated this defect here:

So how is Harry doing?:smiley: