AC disconnect/Distribution panel wiring

Do exterior AC disconnects need to be wired like a distribution panel with ground & neutral separation/isolation?

Thanks in advance.

Technically, yes, but most of these do not use any 120V neutrals so it would not be a big deal. You would just have a doubled up conductor (white and bare copper) being used as a 240V equipment ground.

Did they actually run a three conductor with an additonal ground to the disconnect?

No. Just got me wondering. Thanks for the help.

If it’s a 110vac disconnect for a furnace, yes if not, no.

no seperation is necessary, why, the wiring is a branch circuit, not a feeder. The NEC defines a feeder as a circuit that is installed to supply power for a multipile pieces of equipment, i.e a sub-panel, because u would take from that s-p other branch circuits.
A branch circuit is a cir that supplies power to something that actually consumes power, like an A/C, light bulbs, ref. toaster, microw.
If the electrician ran 3cond. w/ ground, he is a step ahead of the rest

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There could be a problem if this circuit is fed from a subpanel. By grounding the neutral at the disconnect you’ve created a parallel path for the neutral current to flow on the EGC feeding the subpanel.