Double Studs needs?

are double stud support needed under this beam at a entry foyer? there are double joists with double studs at the second floor but I just want to make sure it is needed from the second to the first floor. there are three locations. thanks.

Not necessarily. You would need to know the design-load to make that determination.

From the pic, it looks as though the second floor joists line up with the first floor studs. The layout of the second floor (double) studs looks completely off layout. Could this have been a change, or is there some equipment hanging off the wall on the second floor? A couple studs look like they were slotted for wiring instead of being drilled and a full stud put next to it.

Not needed…and even if it were a load issue as in the case of a 2 1/2 story or greater than the put studs on the first floor at 12" O.C.

I suspect that it may have to do with drywall layoff or its a custom home and the owner is looking at putting something on the wall and simply wants more wood to nail into.

Studs do not have to be lined up either with a few exceptions and that often deals with roof loads and single tops plates.

Is that a false header in the upper right corner without jacks?

Such as a Plasma TV, perhaps? :cool:

Am I seeing things? or are the studs notched out for the electrical?

Probably Jeffery… I install 2x10 blocking around windows to allow for window treatment that women often put up as well as block out for cabinets, laundry sinks, porch swings and anything else that might apply… its easier to do during the framing process versus having to rely on other remedies which typically are short term.

Matter of fact I am working on a estimate now a home where the builder failed to install a $200.00 angle iron to carry brick above a over a roof…instead they simply rested the brick upon a single 2x8 rafter…the brick failed and moisture is entering into the home. I suspect the repairs for the wall alone will be $5000.00 minimum…there is another $1500.00 that is needed for missing hog trough’s, purlins and bracing that should have been installed during construction…I know the all the building inspectors in that county and I am surprised they missed so much… but then again the builder is good friends with many of them.

What the h-e-l-l is a “hog trough”. I used to raise a hog or two in my “back to the country” days but I would never put that hog trough in a house.

From my perception, there was no need of a double stud up there. And from what I can see, the reason they are doubled, is because they notched 2/3rds out of damn studs to run the stupid wire.
The double on the right is the same with one notch one way and the other with the notch the other way.
Doubled to reinforce the notch.
Off course this is just an opinion. :):wink:

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Where did you grow up?

Marcel buddy what the hell are you talkin about? Thers’s no notch- who are you kidding. (he he), but there is a double bore, within 3/8". But the stupid wiring (as you called it, and maybe to code after all) is another story as you can see, well maybe!!!

Joe, Sure looks like a notch when I blow it up 400% and I put my glasses on too! :mrgreen::wink:

Marcel, I just deleted,too late, cause I was messin with you buddy, I’m at happy hour, and I’m real happy. But actually as I go to 1800% it dooes look like a stud bore not a notch. Were you there? My monies on bore buddy !!! Badda Bing Badda Boom

Madawaska, Maine near the Canadian Border. :slight_smile:

Hey Marcel, have you looked at 1800?

What’s 1800?

I was messin with you buddy when you said 400% . It was a joke.:mrgreen: It really is notched

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