Double tapped main lug?

I found this in an old home yesterday, the panel appears to be a fairly new 200AMP. There are smaller wires installed with the main lugs. The house has 4 different sub-panels, I would guess these go to one of those panels, not that it would make it any more correct.

I believe it to be an incorrect installation, but wanted to see what you guys said. The main panel also has about 6 or 7 free spaces left.

Sorry there’s no picture, I am having trouble with the upload. I will try again.


Double tapping of the SEC lugs is a problem…write it up. They are not made for that.

It’s more of a danger to tap the main service lugs because there is no protection between the tap and sub-panel.


For some reason, I can’t imagine how they got the smaller wires into the mains without getting zapped. Safety thing at any rate that deserves some mention.

Double taps at mains are a big no-no.

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Especailly if you have copper and aluminum together

5325 Broadway 056.JPG

5325 Broadway 056.JPG

The NEC has stated this for MANY years…here is a snippet:

“Terminals for more than one conductor and terminals
used to connect aluminum shall be so identified.”

The main lug of a service panelboard is rated for a single conductor…if rated for multiple conductors it MUST say so.

The breaker is located at the meter box, so the breaker was probably off when he crammed the second circuit in.