Surge protector double tap?

I have spoke to several electricians and they have told me that these surge protectors tapped into the main service disconnect isn’t considered a double tap. I’m in Florida and for the 4 point Inspections some carriers take it as is and don’t consider it a hazard. I ran into another one of these at that same inspection today and wanted to get your opinion. Should it still be called out as a double tap or no ?

Seen them like that.
I say it’s doubled and also different sized wires are not cool. :cowboy_hat_face:


Are those wires going to a surge protector ?

If it is going to a surge protector then it is NOT double tapping

Ask those “electrician” to show you where those terminals are rated for 2 conductors, of different size to boot! Ask them to put it on paper with their license number and you shall be satisfied. Until then, it’s a double-lugged connection that goes against the rating of the terminal. Now let’s be honest… can it work and not cause any issues, it can! However, it can also fail and cause an issue due to improper use of the terminal.


The explanation they have given be is that it’s low voltage therefor it’s ok, but what you are telling me makes sense to me as well, thanks for the help.

Any reason why it wouldn’t be considered double tapped ?

Complete nonsense… in fact, due to improper surface contact of the service conductors you can have them overheat and start a fire.


That’s it. Any other argument to the contrary is nonsense. Tell the electrician to read 110.14(A).


Got it thank you Robert.

They carry the same voltage as the conductors they are attached to. There is no voltage difference.


That used to be allowed in this area but no longer. The lightning arrester now has to be connected to a 20 amp breaker.
Also, on a recent inspection, the homeowner had a roof leak that allowed water to get into the distribution panel. The next day he smelled smoke and found that the wires to the arrester in the service panel had overheated and the insulation was almost completely burned off. Fortunately it was found before it stared a fire. After that, I started writing it up any time I see it.

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Allowed by whom and when?

Thanks Robert. I just saw this one at an inspection today set up correctly as you explained. Honestly though, this is the very first one I see here in my area done correctly and not double tapped.