Double-tapped Cutler Hammer breaker

Is this the type of CH breaker that can be double-tapped? Can solid and stranded wiring, of the same gauge, be double-tapped? TIA.

Not on those types.

The panel’s label will list (amongst other details) the rated wire size, quantity and material (AL/CU).


Which I couldn’t see due to a mass of wires.

So no to both questions? Do the CH breakers that allow have a saddle type clamp?

Some Cuttler Hammer and some Square D do, but not all.

It’s similar, but not the same. It’s a V shape. The one in your photo just has a screw.

Thanks for the replies. Now as far as the two different types of wires and if this were an appropriate breaker that is designed for two wires, can you combine stranded and solid? I would think no, but would like clarification.

The question is about the connection to the breaker.

depending on the two conductors used, can you get a proper connection under prescribed torque?

As with buss bars, double taps must be the same size and type to go under the same terminal.

Just my take on it. If it were my Inspection, I’d be calling Sq D, or CH.

That is a good question…
I Called Schneider( Square D) and Cutler Hammer (which makes several panels).
Because I wanted to know.
You have to be consistent they said.
You can’t have a DT breaker with a solid and a stranded under the same saddle.
And no “fine stranded” on any of there breakers.
Very good question Mr. Fredrick…
Thanks for asking! Really!

No, stranded wire and solid wire are different Dia and have different torque values.

Pigtail would be easy fix, by a Qualified Electrical Contractor or course.

If it is a CH type breaker than you can double tap and it is okay for stranded and solid to be used together.

You’re on crack. The ones you posted aren’t the same as in the photo. Plus, only the 15a can have 2 wires. The OP’s is 20.

You are almost correct.

Try learning how to read the chart.
An like I said if it is a CH style.

You got it! Yep!

The OP does not show a CH breaker that allows 2 conductors. A CH Plug-on breaker does allow two conductors on a 15A breaker as Ken pointed out, but these have a v-throat that compresses the two conductors. In other words, if you see two conductors under the screw head on a CH breaker, then it is a double tap.

Your reading the chart wrong.
Do not read it across.

Good info, I stand corrected.

I agree those three combinations are for any of the breakers listed to the left. 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30 amp.