Double tap

Ok guys, I got into a pissing match with a “master” electrician over the phone and he said this was correct installation without a problem and I said it was not correct and this isntallation and connections are not made to facilitate two wires. He told me that he would send me information and I am still waiting on it…

Here is the set-up

A gas pool heater was taken out and an electric heater was installed. They ran a disconnect to the main panel and “double tapped” it.

Am I wrong in calling it out? Does anyone have the code reference where it states it is wrong. House was built about 15 years ago, if that matter any.

Thanks in advance and if I am wrong, thats ok too, I love to learn…

Master Electrician trumps Home Inspector even if he is wrong.
Have him put it in writing.

Checking around, the double lug is rarely allowed .

When multiple terminations are made under one lug the terminal must be rated for the combination of multiple conductors used.

This guy gives master electricians a bad name. There is no way that’s NEC compliant.

Ask the electrician if the smaller conductors are rated for the breaker. It don’t look as they are.

This is where I disagree. I don’t care who you are, wrong is wrong. When my client goes to sell his house, I want it to be proper. I often argue with tradesmen no matter what they put in writing. Of they show me specifically where it is in the code book, then I will back down.

I truely believe it is these instances which gets me more business, especially with the high end client. This guy has been the owner of a large company for years. I don’t think he has been in the field for years.

When this happens I tell my client my point and give him my specifics and then let them decide.

Agreed and I had a similar issue with a client lawyer whom the electrician did not know. I wonder how that one went over.

Not in my book. Tell the client to get a second opinion from a “qualified” electrician. This is absolutely improper.


Definitely not true.

wrong is wrong
tell client to get another electrician and send the bill to the first!

Hey we all know the picture is wrong and so does the Electrician so he will never put it in writing anyway…catch my drift?
Personally I doubt the guy on the phone was anyone other than the seller or his buddy.

Very observant comment.

Here is his rebuttle and the code he states makes the double tap proper. What say you?

I still think the main panel maker would not allow 2 wires on lugs

That provision does not address the improper connection. The lugs/terminals must be listed for multiple conductors. In addition, the conductors are generally required to be the same size when multiples are allowed.

The tap may be correct. It is the method being used to terminate the tap that is incorrect. As many others have said the lug needs to be listed for multiple conductors. If you read the label you will see where it says 1 conductor.

The EC is wrong.

That code section is for tap conductors and has nothing to do with terminating two conductors under a lug that’s only listed for one conductor. Here’s a photo of a lug listed for two conductors. You can see that it’s clearly marked.

Here’s another example showing allowable conductor combinations clearly marked:



I believe that the section he is using is referencing overcurrent protection and not the utilization of the connections.