Double tapped breaker?

This seems to be a double-tapped breaker but I’m not sure because there does not seem to be a second side wire hole even though it appears to be a tandem 20amp breaker. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not familiar with Zinsco but it appears that the two conductors are going into two separate holes on that tandem breaker.

That is what it appears…:slight_smile:

Thank you!

I don’t know guys, but it appears to me that both conductors are under the same lug. There is another lower opening on the back of those breakers for the other side of the tandem breaker.


That is a two pole breaker.

From your photo it appears that you are correct. A better photo from the OP would help.

Two pole Zinsco mini breakers of the new manufacturer were strange. I think it is made by UBI. The hole for the B phase is located way back. Stripping lengths were different. That looks like only the A phase is being used and it is double tapped.

This is totally unbelievable to me that we are even having this discussion. A Home Inspector that can not identify (or document) A DOUBLE TAPPED, DOUBLE POLE BREAKER!

And he is relying on our wild *** guess…

I recommend he check out Nick’s “We’ll buy your house back” program.

I am very familiar with Zinsco panels and David is absolutely correct - double-pole breaker - nothing to report.

There may be something to report, but the Inspector can not document, so there is no reporting at this point!

At least we are not discussing Zinsco*** “AGAIN”…***

I fail to understand what being a double pole breaker has to do with it. Is that connection double tapped or not?

Ask the OP, not jeff.

If this inspector is calling this because there are two wires at the breaker (if we had decent photograph) something may be able to be determined. Based on perspective of a photograph, you could be as wrong as the Inspector.

It is BS to come here with no information or documentation, not knowing what your looking at, and expect us to “call it”. We weren’t there. You weren’t there. Maybe it’s time for you to recommend that the entire panel be replaced because it is “Zinsco”!??

Well, I do that…I’m in Florida.:wink: You are right though, need better photos to determine.

There may not be a need for photos if the Inspector knew what he was photographing about…

I think it’s a double tapped 2 pole breaker, but it would be a cold day in hell before I put that in writing…

At least the panel was opened for inspection!

From the angle of the picture it appears that the breaker is double tapped. It is a two pole breaker.

I agree with others that the OP should be able to figure this out since he was on site.

It looks a bit different on my computer screen than it did on my phone, so I’ll retract a bit and say there might be a double tap there.

I believe it’s morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably maybe double-tapped. Possibly. On the other hand, it could be an illusion… or a mistaken conclusion causing all this confusion.