Main breaker panel

Did an inspection the other day, Main breaker panel was full with at least 3 double taps with arching present on one of the double taps. I recommend addtional breaker box. She wanted to know if this was against code. I dont do code and will check on local codes but an looking for any other thoughts. Wasnt able to get my pics uploaded. Thanks

Sometimes you can replace one breaker with two-mini’s, which are the same size as the one that is double-tapped. Document, inform, let the buyer decide. Stating solutions can cause grief.

Who is she? Arcing? Against code? Double taps? In all your years of inspecting homes, have you ever seen this? How did you report it?

She- Client; double tap where 10 gauge wiring; code- safety first!

#10 ???

What did it go to?

The double tap can be taken care of inside the panel without adding breakers (sometimes).

You need an electrician out there, simple as that.

Added whirlpool tub?

Any pictures of the panel in question?

had problems w/ camera

Two #10 on what size breaker?

What was the other circuit for?


did you have 2 #10 wires on one breaker?

One wire went to a tub, where did the other go?

What was the size and type breaker they were attached to?

I hear you, I keep an extra camera and batteries in my bag as it is very common for there to be a problem.

30 amp

A “double-tapped” breaker is wrong - period. There are certain brand/types of breaker that will accept two conductors, and they are listed accordingly. So the answer to your code question is “yes,” this is a code violation. Specifically, [paraphrased] (1) Terminals for multiple conductors must be listed and labeled, and (2) Manufacturers specifications must be adhered to.

An additional (sub) panel is not always necessary. As suggested, tandem (mini) breakers can be installed, breakers for multiple conductors can be installed or the double-tap can be “pigtailed” to a single conductor. However, the appropriate method should be determined by an electrician so that the breaker is not over loaded.

Here you would need to add a sub-panel.Minis not allowed.(or what Jeff said)

Yes you can install as many sub-panels as you like. In many cases this is the best solution.