Double tapped main sub panel

Inspecting a house today and observed a double tap on the 100 AMP sub-panel from the 200 amp service panel. The wires from the service panel connected to the main lug on the 100 amp sub pane, (Screw type breakers) is this acceptable??


Agreed…and it looks like the branch wiring is overfused, too.

Most likely a violation since the terminal is not rated for more than one conductor. Here’s the 2008 NEC code reference:

Also, the EGC from the service panel is tapped into the neutral of the sub panel. This is another mess that needs correction.

In addition Sam, you need to understand the differences between the installed equipment. This statement

will lead to trouble in your reporting.

A “main” panel and a “sub” panel are two different things. It’s better to refer to them as “service” (main) panels and “sub” (other) panels.