Download template from cloud

I have my template that I use on my main computer saved to the HIP cloud. Is there a way I can download the template from the web, or do I have to share the file to my laptop computer?

I don’t understand.
You should have a copy of HIP installed on both your laptop and your desktop. You only need one HIP license. Your desktop and laptop should each have a Home Inspector Pro folder that lives on the hard drive.

With HIP, all template files are stored in a Data folder located in the Home Inspector Pro folder that lives on the hard drive and that your computer accesses when you start the HIP application and choose a template.

If on one computer you have created a custom template or have edited one of the existing templates and want to use that template in both computers, you can go to the Data folder of the computer with the custom/edited template, copy that template file and install it in the Data folder of the other computer. You can transfer it between computers using an SD card, a flash/thumb drive, or you can email it to yourself.

Instructions on where to find the data folder on either OSX or Windows (including Windows 10) are located on the HIP Template Installation page of my website. Just scroll down.

To clear my question up, I have HIP installed on both my laptop and desktop. I do most of the work on the desktop and I update my template regularly to the HIP cloud.

I was using my laptop at a remote location, so my question is:

can I download from the HIP cloud a copy of my updated template without having access to the files on my primary desktop