Changing the default folder - MAC

I recently set up a network drive on my home router so I can access all my HIP files from one spot regardless of if I’m on my laptop or desk top, and allows me to go back and forth.

This is great for photos, report data and generated reports.

But when it comes to working on templates, address book, and documents, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to change what folder HIP looks at.

I found an old thread on the HIP forums that says you can’t change default folder, but that post is from 2010, and I swear since then I once read Dom explaining how to change the default folder HIP looks in. But of course, now I can’t find that explanation.

So can you change the default folder?

In the mean time, I copied everything from my “data” and “lib” folder from my desktop (where I write my reports) to my network drive, and then copied that to the same folders on my laptop.

But when I generate a report, it’s not reading the new files for documents or address book. It’s still generating the old documents. I verified the files sitting in my “data” and “lib” folder on my laptop are correct. But HIP won’t read them. I don’t get why.

Ian, you used to be able to put HIP wherever you wanted. Now HIP writes everything on the Mac into a Home Inspector Pro folder within the Documents folder. We can’t move the files HIP uses internally anywhere else or the program won’t work right (due to Mac security) and Apple won’t approve the program for the iTunes store (which we’re working on). Basically, Apple is dictating where these types of files are going.

We are working on giving the option to change where the PDF and HZF files save to as those can be redirected since they are saved within the program.

As far as HIP not reading the files you copied in, what folder did you copy them into? I’m wondering if you have multiple copies of HIP.

Thank you for the answer.

Well, as you said, I can’t have the files anywhere but the Home Inspector Pro folder within the Documents folder, so that’s where I copied them too.

And when looking at the folder, I see the “what we inspect” document had the date modified consistent with what I put in there. But when I generated a report, it did not pull up the text from the modified version.

I ended up emailing myself text of documents and cutting and pasting them into my laptop HIP program manually. Which I guess is fine, as I don’t change documents all that often.

But not having the address book consistent between the laptop and desk top is a pain, and the address book is a constantly changing entity.

Do you understand how to create symlinks on your Mac?

Do you use Dropbox?