Download your card now. I got us this discount card. It's really good.

OfficeMax - InterNACHI discount card.

Have one around the corner and they always give discounts on larger purchases but this should be nice to add.

Guess you do not know the discount till at the register however.

Ask Dan (program manager) for more details. You’ll get his contact info after you click the link.

Saw\ that.
Thank You.

Thank you Sir! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick

Nick, thank you!

I go there all the time. THANKS!

thanks Nick

I actually just called Dan the director of this program, he is a great guy and we yapped for like 1/2 hour.
I love discounts, and free delivery and of course i don’t have the time to waste at office supply stores so this will be a good asset to have.

Good stuff Nick !!!


Good Deal. Thanks Nick

I used it this morning and save a little over 25% on my $40 purchase



Nick ,your new deal inspired me.
Member Jeff Meritt told me about a great deal on Ryobi Moisture Meters for $50 so I made time to go down and pick one up.
Nice pin-less goes 1/2’ deep at Home Depot.

Well I had just walked into the store looking when I passed a group of almost a dozen employees with supervisor and turned back towards them when the super said welcome to Home Depot where we have lots of great deals (must have been orientation) so I said “OOOH Reaaaally” what have you got for me?
Well sir this shelf system is on sale for $100 and you can have it at half price.
Reaaaally said I.Hmmm sudenly the sho9w "American Pickers hit my head and I shouted in front of all his employees "$30 and I take it this second plus will take your picture and post how great Home Depot is to 10,000 Inspectors all over the world.
You sir have a deal said he.
Here is my end of the bargain.

$80 got me a Moisture Meter and a heavy duty shelf system…Cha Ching…:):):slight_smile:

Too bad there aren"t any Office Max locations in Canada:(

Buy online, Free shipping and you don’t need to waste the time going to the store…


Thanks Nick

I think you have to show them the card so they can scan it.

Nope. Read the instructions after you click through on Use the username and password given for online purchases.