We mailed the new UPS discount card to members in about 40 states this week.

We’re waiting on the others until we can also include invitations to upcoming InterNACHI events in their area.

If you don’t want to wait for the snail mail, you can sign up here: http://www.savewithups.com/internachi/

Do it.

Thanks Nick! :wink:


We mailed them to Florida on Friday. You should have yours next week.

UPS Stores rock!

I hate to be the bearer of bad new but the one by me does not.

Twice I have went in and told them I wanted to ship stuff as cheap as possible and twice they straight up lied to me and added on every extra they could.

The first time I wrote it off as just an uneducated clerk.

The second time with the manager right there the same thing happened as if it was the stores policy to get me for every dime they could.

On the way out after they wanted to charge $20 to ship my tiny inspection camera I asked them how much the smallest “it fits it ships” box at the front of the store was and they said something like $9.50.

A little bit cheaper than the first quote.

Needless to say I grabbed a card to complain to the headquarters and guess what?

All stores are individually owned and they could not and had nothing in place to deal with complaints.

I went to my local pack and ship guy a little further away and it cost about $7.50 or so for the smallest box to ship.

I will never go into the ups store by my Publix again, they are straight up crooks.

Looks like you saved 2 bucks? How much did the gas cost you to get you to the other place ? 3.99 per gallon? :smiley:

nothing at all i pass it every other day. the guy has no personality but at least he is not a straight up crook like those at my local ups store.

I wonder why Inspector Outlet doesn’t use UPS then to save us a couple bucks on shipping?