Downspout discharging on roof

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I had a roof data collection where a 2nd story gutter
discharged onto a lower roof. The shingles are 3 years
old and already showing quite a bit of granule loss.

The gutters were installed after the shingles.

I know FBC states that the materials (gutters) should be installed
in compliance with manufacturers guidelines. Is there any other recommendation or guidlines that gutter companies should follow?

The owner is a retired school teacher and widow of a US Marine. And now a friend.

Any info that will help her in her dispute with the gutter Co. will be appreciated.


That isn’t part of the roof data program is it?


Algae under trees was the issue.

Found the gutter issue.

It is not in the code books or in the manufactures guidelines but it is common sense not to have the downspout discharging onto a lower roof. I have had this fight with the installers here and they all feel they are doing it correctly and to the minimum code requirements.

It’s not only unacceptable, it is a clear violation of the Florida Building Code. Roofing systems are designed for installation according to their approval, and you will find no approval from any listed manufacturer stating they will warranty their product for that type of use. That being said, the code clearly states that all downspouts are to exit a minimum of 12" away from the structure sidewalls through an approved means of disposal. Ask the gutter contractor if he would terminate his downspout over a main panel or a/c compressor? No, common sense tells him that’s not a good idea. The key is, what is the acceptable form of disposal from a gutter system downspout, the code gives three options…underground piping, tail extensions, or splash blocks. Nothing on roofing systems being used as an approved location for the termination of downspout water.

***2010 Florida Building Code, Residential: R318.6 **Protection against decay and **termites. ***
*Condensate lines, irrigation/sprinkler system risers for spray heads, and roof downspouts shall discharge at least 1 foot (305 mm) away from the structure sidewall, whether by underground piping, tail extensions or splash blocks. Gutters with downspouts are required on all buildings with eaves of less than 6 inches (152 mm) horizontal projection except for gable end rakes or on a roof above another roof. *

I used the residential code as I was assuming it’s a SFR, the sizing of the gutters is listed in the Plumbing Code.

Thanks Roy and Greg.
Looks like there is not much she can do.
I will NOT rec’ that company to anyone.

I would rather remove the high gutter and let the roof do its thing.

If all else fails, ask to see approval from the roofing manufacturer for that application…or just use what I posted above.

Inform the gutter contractor that she is requesting information on installation requirements from the manufacturers "Data Sheet’ which, most likely is listed in the Sweets Catalogue. If the manufacturer finds the contractor did it incorrectly they will not sell their product to them to install.
If you have an issue with the contractor let me know and I’ll do the research
and give you specific information.
Don’t mess with a Marines Family, OOHRAH!

Changed my mind I will take time to find the info for her.
Post or send me the name of the manufacturer of the gutter system and I will take this on.
Sick and tired of low life subs screwing around with retired individuals (as I am one) and especially a Marines Widow!!!:twisted:
Bill Smith

Thanks for all your help.
I will contact her on Monday and give her this info
so maybe, at the very least they will return and
finish the job right.

This is what happens when you don’t use or understand code in your reports, it is dismissed as opinion and easily impeached. The report becomes a joke, you have no basis for your concern and nothing to show as far as documentation or standard stating it as anything but the opinion of a home inspector. And one only needs to watch a few TV shows to realize WHAT A JOKE OUR PROFESSION IS CONSIDERED…and this is why. Uneducated inspectors and misinformed contractors make for a great big cluster %*&^!

This is why dormers need gutters and down spouts to lower gutters .

roof dischsrge.jpg

I’m not sure whom you are refering to in your rant. If it is me, there is no report to add a narrative. I did however, advise her of the 1ft from sidewall and away from the foundation discharge as well as the ’ as per manufacturers specs.’ That is her avenue she is pursuing.
As per your rant, the only thing I can control is me. I’m not going to stress about other inspectors and their abilities and knowledge or lack there of.

Don’t need no stinkin’ code to tell me this is wrong… or perhaps I need a video to hear it better!..

It was more of a general statement…not you specifically. Besides the minimum distance to terminate from a side wall that code also gives the approved areas of disposal, and none of them are a roofing system.