Drain line

Any thoughts or comments on kitchen drain line?

Yeah, those are always fun.
I would just state that it was installed unprofessionally and you should considier having it replaced.

Are you wondering about the “sloped section” at the front of your picture?

Supposed to be 1/4 inch per foot up to about a “max” of 1/2’ per foot for horiz runs.

If exceeded, a 45 degree ell or vertical run should be in place.

So… as that does appear “funky”, here’s the thing, if it’s a 45 degree ell (hard to tell in pic if 22 or 45) at the top and bottom of the slope, most plumbers are gonna say it’s fine.

The slope of the trap arm looks questionable as well, once again, hard for me to tell.

If it is an incorrectly installed 22 degree elbow, a longer tailpiece woulda/coulda solved that problem. No one ever said Do It Yourself meant, Do It Right.

Is that what you were wondering?

Yes, thats how I called it, just wanted another opinion. Thanks for the reply.

I would think the trap needs to be off the other sink drain if thats a disposal and DW drain on the right side which is not shown.

Should I also mention that the trap, trap arm, drain pipe look like a DYI kit from a hardware store…I forgot the name of it but looks like it.

Very artistic!

Did it drain right?

Strangely enough they always seem to…

They used about $40 worth of just fittings and compression rings for a job that could have been done for about $20. It would take the better part of an afternoon to disassemble the thing.
I sometimes just tell people, “Well, it sure ain’t pretty but it works, it isn’t typical or illegal. Now the question is, for how long?”

In addition (in CA), an air-gap is required for the DW. The DW drain-line is connected directly to the disposal.

OK thought I would wait a bit.
(looks like c–p)
Just write it up based on the 90 attached to the basin and be done with it.

I know the OP asked about the drain but I have a couple thoughts on this photo. What is this copper line(arrow), is it for the DW? I would think it should be more protected from damage. Also should not the electrical wire for the disposer be protected from damage? The DW drain line looks high in the photo. I am thinking it hooks up high under the sink. Don’t newer DW come with an air gap in the drain line already installed?

No to all your questions.
I would not assume there is a disposal as the plug could be for the dishwasher.
If there is no air gap the drain line is not high enough.I t needs to go up to the flood rim.

What arrow and I might mention the use of putty as being a sign of DIY install.
Do not like mixing the metal retaining ring with PVC but the rubber gasket is what holds it.

sorry forgot to add pix. Does it matter what the cord is for?

No, but it is for disposal or dishwasher.
In this case dishwasher as the cord goes down that way.

Just the drain line?:mrgreen:

How about, “Call a licensed plumber and start over”?